The story of love and resentment between Pomoly and Kapila 2

A story about the trademark TAISOCA

In the past 2021, KAPILA has been working on the research and development and testing of outdoor tent stoves. Therefore, at the beginning of 2021, many wholesale customers came to KAPILA to discuss matters such as new product selection.

After KAPILA and POMOLY broke up completely, KAPILA has been focusing on doing her own thing. But the following is extremely absurd and shameful:

In June 2021, foreign trade customers from Ningbo, China came to the factory to select products. He chose the tent stove + oven product: the following is a screenshot of our patent

Customers are very satisfied with the design and concept of this product. The product was developed and registered by KAPILA in December 2020, and the patent certificate was obtained in May 2021. Therefore KAPPILA has reached an exclusive supply agreement with the customer. Ningbo customers officially ordered 15 samples for market development and promotion in June 2021, and began to form a project team on June 28, 2020 to start product LOGO design and sales planning and preparation for product photography.

On July 12, 2021, the Ningbo customer’s logo design was completed, and the LOGO template was sent to KAPILA through WeChat. KAPILA communicated and engraved the trademark within the company and prepared for delivery. But about a week later, the client brought surprising news: the English .COM domain name of the trademark they designed was maliciously squatted by others, which was equivalent to cutting off their sales. The trademark is of a non-standard English structure. Under normal circumstances, such a coincidence is impossible for anyone to register. The first reaction of Ningbo customers was to ask KAPILA who had seen the trademark and whether there were any leakers within the company.

After our repeated explanation and analysis, Ningbo customers are still very angry. According to our analysis, POMOLY used the interpersonal relationship established with KAPILA to bribe our employees, which is a shameful commercial espionage activity. The spy sent the client’s logo image directly to POMOLY, and registered the website and US trademark.

Until August 20, 2021, the customer found that the previously stolen registered trademark appeared on the US trademark registration website! Below is the evidence and timeline of the chat screenshots. If you look closely, you will find that Pomoly’s trademark registration date is later than that of our Ningbo client. The Ningbo customer sent the trademark to our KAPILA factory on July 12, 2021. Pomoly registered the Chinese trademark on July 15, and registered the US trademark on July 22, and registered it on the TAISOCA.COM website. It can be seen from this time that after the Ningbo customer sent us the trademark, POMOLY used the spies inside our company to obtain the trademark and domain name, and then immediately went to preemptively register it. The following is the chat content of the Chinese interface. If you are interested, you can use the online translation to find out:


Then POMOLY – The Thief Company started yelling for thieves. They also paid for a website to slander other companies’ tent stoves, and by the way, slandered the KAPILA brand, swearing that TAISOCA was theirs, not stolen.

At the beginning of the early cooperation, I heard that both Jiang SIR and Yu SIR, the general managers of POMOLY, had the experience of studying abroad, but their shameful behavior of stealing and lack of legal awareness, everything was occupied by greed, which surprised people. POMOLY does not respect other people’s patents and achievements, and blindly plagiarizes other people’s things. We believe that his road will not go far.

POMOLY—The behavior of this thief caused Ningbo customer market to be stolen by POMOLY, and marketing expenses were also wasted. This also caused the KAPILA factory to suffer serious losses in the research and development of the project. But we are not discouraged and believe that there are still people in the world who can understand us and accept good products from real manufacturers.

Jiang SIR and Yu SIR of POMOLY were at least guilty of commercial espionage and illegal robbery of property in this case. Although the above evidence is not enough to arrest the relevant persons in charge of POMOLY, they will never forget these criminal facts for the rest of their lives! What they do will be with them forever!

#Below are some screenshots of their ridiculous promotions and web pages and sales press releases. For everyone to identify:


directly marked with the trademark

Emphasize that the trademark belongs to them!

  No patent ownership, lied to have a patent!


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