Expose POMOLY's Articles 3

Hello everyone, first of all thanks for watching this article, I only say true information and do not want to mislead others.

There are many people, many companies, and many brands doing business in this world.

However, this point based on market competition is a double-edged sword, which not only puts forward improvement requirements for the participants themselves, but also helps to check and balance each other. In the end, the majority of consumers are beneficial, but if participants deceive unsuspecting consumers on the Internet for profit , to fabricate and slander some unwarranted things, it is very disgusting!

See the example below.

POMOLY has registered many navy websites in the online world, attracting traffic and deceiving consumers by praising its own brand and discrediting other brands.

The following website address, please click carefully, because he will deceive your point of view!

A large number of network navy.

Website Address:






Here are some screenshots and corresponding evidence:


To slander KAPILA, the author of the article pretended to be a consumer to buy a stove, without a purchase order, and even the pictures were stolen from others, which can reduce their crime costs, and even directly slander KAPILA without buying a stove. The cost is low enough!

The original image is from the KAPILA Alibaba sales page.

#defamation page screenshot

#The following is the original picture of the wholesale page of KAPILA company Ali:

The screenshot of the above webpage is from https://hottentstove.com/ Article time: Published by Tove on 2021-09-22.

Here’s the very weird thing: Who is the owner of this URL that doesn’t show? What agency? what company? what forum?

Please see below:

POMOLY  PK  winnerwell


Pomoly PK winnerwell

But it shows a lot of use and testimonials about outdoor brands, as well as criticism! Strangely enough, this site contains a lot of articles about other brands in the POMOLY pk market.

A large number of soft articles on the website all applaud a brand and praise its virtues, as if there is only one brand in the world! POMO** is the best! World number one!

In this article, the author pretends to write an article as a buyer,

The text is as follows:

Expressed the first impression and feedback on KAPILA, and summarized 3 points:

  1. The stove is sent from China, worried about the quality.

# Funny Things: Pomoly built a website in English when it was sold. In 2020, when it fought for consignment rights from KAPILA, it was very pitiful, even the LOGO could be given up. However, in the sales statement to customers, it has concealed the origin and country. It is very low-level to write such an article to slander China’s production. It was originally a product developed and produced in China. If you have to put on a disguise to deceive people, even the basic national morality has been abandoned. So why become a Chinese citizen?

The company introduction on the #POMOLY official website is important to avoid, why don’t you introduce yourself? origin? company? team? It’s all crap.

Ridiculous Taiwanese agent

Outrageous Hong Kong agent

Hong Kong and Taiwan are even more rude: Hong Kong claims that the tent is from the United States, and Taiwan advertises that the stove is from the Canadian team! In fact, these designs are all licensed products from KAPILA in 2020-2022!

The tents were purchased from a factory in Ningbo, China. It has nothing to do with America at all!

  1. There is a problem with the product, and the customer service cannot be contacted.

# There is no such order sales at all. In 2021, KAPILA has never sold 1 product overseas, so why is there a customer complaint article? If you are a customer? Please show our website order and product!

  1. The product will leak smoke

#This is completely nonsense, you are not a customer at all, and you have not bought a KAPILA stove, you are not qualified to evaluate!

The article is a bit long, I only talk about real opinions! Thanks so much for watching! Smart people can definitely see the truth behind it!

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